Author: Precious Beauties
• 8:45 AM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using the talented Ismael Rac, you can find him here.
Tag template Aqua and Tonya1 found here - dot and cross

Lets begin.

This should be fairly easy.

Open the template and duplicate, close the original.

Go to Image - Canvas and resize 700 x 700 pixels.

Delete the copyright layer.

Select the word art glitter, pick a color from your tube and change the color. Apply a drop shadow.

Do the same thing for the word art using a different color from your tube.

Select the lower left black circle, go to Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.

Paste your tube as a new layer and position inside the black circle. Once your happy with it and to Selections - Invert and hit delete on your key board. Apply a drop shadow.

Delete the Dither brush layer, and lower opacity to about 79.

Add drop shadows to both Glitter Rectangles and the Glitter Circles.

Select one of the gradient circle layer, apply - dot and cross on default settings. Repeat with the remaining circle.

Add your copyrights.

Add your name.

Crop, and resize if desired.

All done, I hope you enjoyed using one of my tuts, I would love to see what you have created.

What do you think?
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