Author: Precious Beauties
• 11:28 AM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using one from the very talented Anna Marine, you can find her work here.
Scrap kit With A Little Luck by Felice at Felice Original
Mask WSL_84 by Chelle.

Don't forget to save your work often!

All set?

Open a new image 700 x 700 with a white background.

Open FrameShamrocks, resize by 70 percent and paste as a new layer.

Take your magic wand and click inside the frame, go to Selections - Modify - Expand by 12, invert.

Open a paper of choice, I used lilShamrock and resized by 70 percent. Paste as a new layer below your frame. Hit delete on your key board.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer. I allow fer head to stick out past the frame. Position wherever you like and delete anything that is below the frame. Apply a drop shadow to your tube and frame layers.

Open HorseShoe, resize by 80 percent and paste as a new layer on top of the frame. See my tag for reference of needed. Apply a drop shadow.

Open GoldCoins, resize by 50 percent, Select some coins and paste to your liking on your tag. See my tag for reference if needed. Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate if desired and place throughout your tag.

Open PotOfGold, resize to your liking, paste as a new layer behind your tube but to one side so you can still see it. Apply a drop shadow. I then selected a few of the coins from the bottom of the pot and pasted them at various places on the bottom of my tag. See my tag for reference if needed.

Open Hat, resize 30 percent and paste as a new layer. Move to your liking, I placed mine on top of the bow, but you can place yours wherever you like...its your tag! LOL. Apply a drop shadow.

Open Clover, resize to your liking and paste as a new layer. I placed mine on the horseshoe frame. Add a drop shadow and duplicate, mirror and place on other side.

Open a paper of your choice and paste as a new layer above your white background layer, apply the mask to this layer, merge. Resize if needed.

With my mask layer highlighted, I went to Effects, Textures, and used Mosaic Antique with these settings:
Grid Settings (both) 58
Symmetic checked
Tile Diffusion - 58
Grout Width - 2
Grout Diffusion - 48

Add any other elements you may wish.

Add copyrights and your name.

Crop, and resize if desired.

Save as a PNG.

You are all finished!!

I would love to see what you have made with one of my tuts :)

What do you think?
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