Author: Precious Beauties
• 9:56 AM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of Choice, I am using Ted Hammond who was with CILM which is now closed.
Scrapkit Angel from Candy's Treats, you can find the site here.
Paint Shop Pro 12 or something like it
Mask of choice, I used WSL 63, thank you Chelle.
My supplies (mask) from here.

Lets get started!!
Remember to save often.

Open a new image 700 X 700, to give us some room to work, you can always crop later.

Open up ct-lace, paste as a new layer, drop shadow.

Open up the ct-glittercircle2 (pink), resize by 95 percent, and paste as a new layer on top of the lace. Apply a drop shadow.

Select the inside of your lace frame with your magic wand, go to selections and expand 6.
Paste a paper of choice (I used paper6) as a new later and invert, hit delete on your key board. Make sure this layer is below your lace frame layer. I then applied - color dots to this layer. This is up to you, you can apply something else or leave it as it is...LOL

Open up ct-glittercircle (blue), resize 105 percent, paste under your lace frame. Add a drop shadow.

Paste your tube as a new layer, move it where you like it, delete anything that sticks out of the bottom of the lace. Apply a drop shadow.

I left my head stick out the top of the frame, I done this by taking my Selection Tool and selecting part of the tube I would like to be on top of the frame, then I right clicked on the selected part and promoted the layer, move to the top of your layers. If you have an easier why or your own way of doing this feel free to do so, I found this to be easiest for me.

Open flower1, resize by 50 percent then by 80 percent, paste where you like. Duplicate and paste on the other side of frame. Apply drop shadow. You can add these anywhere you like, I have 3 in all.

Open ct-clouds, paste above your background layer, make your background layer active and go to select, select all, float, defloat, invert. Make your clouds layer active and hit delete on your keyboard, this should delete anything that is past the background layer.

Open ct-smallflower1 and paste it at the bottom of your frame as a new layer. Add a drop shadow.

Open ct-flower3 and resize to your liking and paste as a new layer beside smallflower1. Add a drop shadow, duplicate and move to the other side.

Open ct-ribbon1 and paste below your flowers at the bottom, add drop shadow. See my tag for reference if needed.

Open ivy and paste it as a new layer, move it below your flowers on the bottom, add a drop shadow.

Open ct-wingedheart and resize by 50 percent. Paste as a new layer to the left of your flowers on the bottom. Place over the stem of the ivy, erase anything that sticks out from under your heart.

Copy and paste paper3-a above your white layer and apply your mask.

Add the copyrights and your name.

Crop if needed.

Save as a PNG.

Your finished!

Hope you enjoyed using this tutorial and I would love to see your creation.
What do you think?
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