Author: Precious Beauties
• 7:24 PM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using Ismael Rac found here.
Tag Template 10 by Sapphire
Mask of choice
Scrap kit 014 by Heartfelt Scraps and stars found here
(she is closed but you can download it from my 4share)

Alright, ready to begin?
Awesome, this one is EASY!

Open the template, duplcate and close the original. Delete the copyright.

Select the large oval. Go to Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.

Open a paper of choice from the scrap kit, paste as a new layer above the oval. Position to your liking, once happy go to Selections - Invert and hit delete on your key board.

Delete the template layer.

Repeat the last two steps for all template layers except for the word art.

I added Noise to the white frames for all layer and a drop shaow as well. The amount of noise you want to use in up to you.

Open the stars and paste as a new layer at the top of the tag, Position so that the two end stars are on top of the "X".

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Position in the center of your tag with the "x" right behind her.  Appy a drop shadow.

Copy and paste one of the staple ribbon as a new layer. Position at the top of the long rectangle on the left hand side. Apply a drop shadow, Duplicate and mirror, flip.

Copy and paste one of the stitches as a new layer. Position on the left hand side of the tag. Place on top of the oval just a little bit. Make sure the ribbon layer is below this layer. Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate and mirror. See my tag for reference if needed.

Open the staple, and paste as a new layer. You can place these wherever you like.

Open the black glitter and paste as a new layer. Make sure this layer is above the two rectangles. Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate as many times as you like and move around to your liking.

For the word art I flood filled XeracX with a gradient from the tag and added a drop shadow to the white frame. I applied a white border around the word art "marks the spot" and added a drop shadow.

Make a gradient out of two colors from your tag. I used the same one I did for the word art. Add a new layer above the white backgrgound. Flood foll this layer with your gradient. Apply your mask to this layer. Delete the mask layer and merge group. Resize if needed.

Add any copyrights.

Add your name.

Crop, resize if desired.

Save as a PNG.

You are done, see that WAS easy!! I hope you have enjoyed using one of my tuts. I would love to see what you have created.
What do you think?
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