Author: Precious Beauties
• 2:18 PM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using one by Keith Garvey who you can find now at PTE
Scrap kit Irish Vixen by 2 Irish Bitches
Template by Vicky found at Creative Misfits
Mask of choice

This tutorial is really easy and wont take long to do.

Open the template, duplicate and close the original. Delete the copyright, and layer 5. Resize all layers by 90 percent, and resize canvas by 700 x 700. Flood fill the bottom layer with white.

Select the circle layer, go to Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.

Open a paper of choice, resize if desired, I resized mine by 70 percent. Copy and paste as a new layer above the selected layer. Position to your liking. Go to Selections - Invert and hit delete on your keyboard. Apply a drop shadow and delete the template layer.

Repeat the above steps for the remaining template layers except for the large shamrock (shape 1).

Open Clover, duplicate, resize one by 60 percent and the other by 30 percent, mirror. Copy and paste the one resized by 60 percent as a new layer. Place on top of the shamrock template layer inside the circle. Apply a drop shadow and delete the template layer. Copy and paste the smaller one that we mirrored, place in the upper left hand corner of the large rectangle. Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate and place at the top right of the large circle. Apply a drop shadow. Of course you can add any many as you like and place to your liking.

Open Clover Scatter, resize by 50 percent, flip. Copy and paste as a new layer. Place at the bottom of the tag, apply a drop shadow.

Open Street Sign and resize by 30 percent, copy and paste as a new layer. Place in the center of the circle near the top. Apply a drop shadow.

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer. Place to your liking, apply a drop shadow. If using the same tube as I did, place the pot of gold at the bottom of the tag in the center. Copy and paste the tube without the gold pot, mirror and place sitting on the pot. Apply a drop shadow to layers.

Make a gradient from two colors used in the tag, add a new layer above the white background layer and flood fill with the gradient. Apply the mask to this layer. Delete the mask layer and merge group.

Add any copyrights and your name.

Crop, resize if desired. Save as a PNG.

Thank you for trying one of my tuts, I hope you have enjoyed using it enough to come back for more! I would love to see what you have created.
What do you think?
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