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Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using Keith Garvey found at PTE
My supplies ( background, screw, stars and word art) here
Fireworks (if animating) found here
Eyecandy 4000 - HSB Noise (optional)

Open a new image 600 x 250 with a white background.

Copy and paste the background included in my supplies, or you can make your own. Just add a new layer above the white layer and flood fill with a color of choice and then apply Alien Skin Xenofex 2 - Constellation, play around with the settings until you have something you like.

Copy and paste the stars above the background layer, position to your liking.

Using the Selection tool, draw out a rectangle across the top of the tag, select a color that matches the tube, add a new layer above the stars and flood fill this layer with the color. Apply a drop shadow or gradient glow.

Copy and paste the word art Happy 4th.. As a new layer. Position on top of the strip you made at the top, we may need to move the words a little depending on what tube you are using, we will do this in a second.

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer. Place above the other layers, position in the center. Resize if needed. Apply a drop shadow. Now if needed move the words around some so you can see as much as them as possible.

Using the Selection tool again draw out another rectangle this time at the bottom of the tag. Add a new layer above the tube, flood fill this layer with a color of choice. Apply a drop shadow.

Copy and paste the words RED WHITE BLUE, place in the center of the strip at the bottom, or of course you can always add your own words.

Copy and paste the screw as a new layer. Place on the left hand side on top of the bottom strip. Duplicate and place on the right hand side.

To add the frame select the background layer, go to Selections - Modify - Select Selection Border and use 5. Add a new layer above the others, flood fill with a gradient or color of choice. Apply Eyecandy 4000 - HSB Noise using the default settings. If adding the white border around the frame repeat the above steps only use 7 as the setting and move this layer below the colored layer, apply a drop shadow and merge the two frame layers together.

Add any copyrights and your name.

Open Animation Shop - if not animating save now as a PNG.

Close off the frame, tube, bottom strip, and screws. Copy MERGED.

Pull up Animation Shop, copy and paste as a new animation. Check the fireworks for the number of frames it contains, copy the tag so it has just as  many frames as a the fireworks.

Once you have done this, Select All frames in the tag, Select All frames in the fireworks. Make sure Propagate Paste is selected, you can find this under the Edit menu.

Making sure that you have the first frame in both selected drag the fireworks frame up into the tag, place to your liking. Check animation, like it? AWESOME!

Okay, back to PSP! Close off the layers we have open and open those we have closed…lol. This should be the frame, the tube, the strip and the two screws. Once they are open and the rest closed, copy MERGED.

Now back to Animation Shop, sorry if your getting dizzy! LOL… paste the as a new animation. Check to make sure all frames are selected in the tag, now drag the frame into the tag, again this should be the first frame in the tag. Look good??? Check out the animation, like it? GREAT!! Save as a .gif.

To make the small forum tag, just repeat the above steps in a smaller scale. I used 150 x 150 for the size.

WOW, we are finished! Thank you for trying one of my tuts! I sure hope you enjoyed yourself enough to come back and try something else. I would love to see what you have created!
What do you think?
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