Author: Precious Beauties
• 11:07 AM
Supplies Needed:
Tubes of choice, I am using one from the movie Twilight, Bella and Edward ( I so LOVE the Twilight Saga).
Scrap Kit Music of Love by Felice found at Felice Original.
Mask WSL_353 by Chelle, her site can be found here.
My supplies (tube and mask) found here.

Read to start?

Open a new image 700 x 700 with a white background.

Open FramePiano, resize by 70 percent, paste as a new layer.

Open your tubes and paste each one in a frame. I used my pick tool to rotate and position, when you are happy with the placement select the free hand tool and draw around your frame to select everything you don't want, hit delete on your key board. Do this with both frames until you have them where you like it.

Apply a drop shadow to the frame.

Open Gkey, resize by 30 percent and paste as a new layer. Position at the bottom of your frame on the left, I used my pick tool to rotate it a bit to match the frame, you can do the same with free rotate if you like. Apply a drop shadow,

Open Rose2, resize by 30 percent than again by 70 percent. Position on top of the frame in the center towards the bottom. Apply a drop shadow. Take your freehand tool and select anything that overlaps. See my tag for reference if needed.

Open PaperButterfly, resize by 10 percent. Paste as a new layer, position to the top left of the frame. Apply a drop shadow.

Open PaperHeartRed, resize to your liking and place below your butterfly. Apply a drop shadow.

Open a paper of choice, you may want to resize it, paste as a new layer above your white background. Apply your mask to this, merge group. I then lowered opacity to 50 percent and then added a texture - Mosaic Antique.

Add copyrights and your name.

Crop, resize if desired.

Save as a PNG.

You're finished!

I would love to see what you have made using one of my tuts. Email us your results and I will add them to the site!

What do you think?
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