Author: Precious Beauties
• 2:45 PM
Supplies Needed:
Tubes of choice, I am using Ismael Rac, you can find him here
Template CMC Chicki and Kat 1 found here
Key here - color dots and dot and cross (optional)
Eye Candy 4000 - Gradient Glow (optional)


Open the template, duplicate and close the original. Resize by 600 x 600 pixels.

Then go to canvas size and set to 700 x 700, flood fill the background layer with white. Delete the copyrights and wine glasses.

Select the filmstrip, click inside with the magic wand. Go to Selection - Modify - Expand by 5.

Open your smaller tube and paste as a new layer below the filmstrip layer. Position part of your tube inside the strip. Once happy with it hit delete on your key board. Apply a drop shadow.

Repeat the last two steps for the remaining two frames.

Select the polaroid layer, click inside the black with the magic wand, go to Selections - Modify - Expand by 1.

Open your close up, paste as a new layer, position to your liking inside the polaroid, once happy with it, go to Selections - Invert and hit delete on your key board. Apply a drop shadow to both the tube and polaroid. Lower opacity to around 47.

Select the large circle, using the color changer tool flood fill the circle with a color from your tube. Do the same for the two pink rectangles. I used a green for the circle and a pink for the rectangle, this will depend on what tube your using.

I added a gradient glow to the twin blue outlines, this is optional.

I selected the circle and added color dots on default. This too is up to you. After I was done with that I also added a gradient glow. You may choose to just add drop shadows to these layers instead.

Select the pink rectangle, apply dot and cross on the default settings. Do the same for the other remaining pink rectangle. Apply drop shadows to both.

I also apply a drop shadow to the filmstrip layer.

Open and paste your tube as a new layer. Move this layer down below the filmstrip background. I mirrored mine, this is up to you. Erase anything that is below the filmstrip. Apply a drop shadow.

You may need to move the star on the right depending on your tube. I moved mine down below the tube so its behind her. I done the same for the lips on the polaroid. See my tag for reference if needed.

Select the word art, change the color of pink to one of the colors from your tube. Position about in the center of the tag. Apply a drop shadow to this. See my tag for reference if needed.

Open the key and paste as a new layer. Move to the top of the polaroid.

Make a gradient from two of the colors used in your tag. Add a new layer above the white background. Flood fill this layer with the gradient. Apply your mask to this layer. Resize if needed. Delete the mask layer and merge.

Add your copyrights

Add your name

Crop, and resize if desired.

Save as a PNG

Your done! I hope you have enjoyed using one of my tuts. I would love to see what you have created.

What do you think?
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