Author: Precious Beauties
• 3:44 PM
Supplies Needed:
Tube of choice, I am using one of Sanju purchased at MPT
Scrap kit Happiness by JAELOP DESIGNS
Brushes or overlay of flowers or vines (optional)
Frame Template here

All ready?

This one is a little time consuming but pretty easy.

When resizing I didnt use any percents, they are up to you becuase of the size of your frame. Please be aware you are going to have to REALLY resize these because they are large.

Open a new image 700 x 700 with a white background. We will crop later.

Select your Preset Shape tool and draw out any round shape. Background should be null or none. The width should be around 15. Covert to raster layer once your happy with the size. Go to Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat.

Open a paper of choice and paste as a new layer above the shape you just made. Go to Selections - Invert and hit delete on your key board. I added a small border around the frame, this is up to you seeing most of the frame is going to be covered when the tag is finished. Apply a drop shadow.

 Select the overlay or the brushes, and add them to the background. If using an overlay erase anything out past the background. Change the Blend mode to Overlay and opacity to somewhere around 45 depending on what you are using.

Open the Diamonds and resize, remember the are pretty big. Copy and paste them as a new layer above the frame background. Erase any that are out past the frame. I duplicated, flipped, and positioned these at the bottom of the frame. Erase anything out past the frame. Apply a drop shadow to both layers.

Open the Sequince and resize, paste as a new layer below the frame background. Apply a drop shadow. Duplicate as many times as needed until you have them all around your frame.

Open your tube and paste as a new layer. Resize if needed. Position inside the frame, delete anything out past the frame and then add a drop shadow.

Open the Semi-circle of beads, resize and paste as a new layer. Position on top of the frame at the bottom right corner, apply a drop shadow. Duplicate, mirror and flip.

Open the Frames stapled together (rectangle), resize and paste as a new layer. Move this layer right above your other frame. Position where you like it. Apply a drop shadow.

Open the line doodle of flowers and sequince, resize and paste as a new layer. Position this on top of the frame we just added, place at the bottom.

I them took my Selection tool and selected the top flower of the line doodle of flowers. Copy and paste as a new layer wherever you like, I placed mine that the corners of the rectangle frame.

Open up the matching flowers. Resize by different sizes so you can overlap them. Position in the upper right corner and at the lower left corner. Apply drop shadows to all flowers.

Look over your tag, if you have any bare places you dont like copy one or two of the sequince and paste as a new layer whereever needed.

Add any copyrights.

Add your name.

Crop, resize if desired.

Save as a PNG.

Your done, not too bad huh? Hope you enjoyed using one of my tuts. I would love to see what you have created.
What do you think?
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